The Keepers of the Eye

The Keepers of the Eye are central to the world of Ealiron, where gods and immortals walk and the veils between the physical and the Otherworld are thin. The Keepers are an ancient order of wizards who maintain balance through a network of energy wells called iomors that feed and sustain the land. The Keepers’ ruling seat is the citadel of Eyrie, in southeastern Sourcesee.

The orders are arranged in levels of mastery, each of which corresponds to a kind of bird, a color and a tree. This arrangement draws upon the natural forces of interconnection and the frequencies inherent in the essences of living things. The Keepers of the Eye include nine orders of wizards; the highest, the Order of Dove, is rarely attained as it sets one’s path into the realms of immortals. Three lesser orders, called Keepers of the Crafts, have limited powers pertaining to a particular area of expertise.

The Orders of the Eye, listed from highest to lowest as Bird; Color; Tree; Rank:

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