Crowharrow: A Chronicles of Ealiron Review

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My reviews of The Chronicles of Ealiron by F.T. McKinstry conclude today with the most recent installment: Book Three, Crowharrow. It is just as good as Book Two, developing a similar plot in a new direction.

Set in the forests of Loralin, a young maiden named Tansel has been tending her garden for several years since her mother’s death. When she encounters the powerful wizard Caelfar, Tansel learns about a new threat to her life: the immortal crowharrow, an immortal predator with incredible powers of seduction and a savage bloodlust. While taken under Caelfar’s protection, Tansel must come to terms with her heritage, the curse under which her family lives, and the loss of her innocence as a maiden.

Much like Hemlock from Book Two, Tansel is our new protagonist. As a young woman, she knows little about the world of magic and gods, but understands a great deal about herb-lore…

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~ by F.T. McKinstry on August 27, 2013.

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