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Bleeding Hearts, by F.T. McKinstry
I’ll admit it, I’m not much into Valentine’s Day. I’m one of those cynical grumblers who thinks it has less to do with love and more to do with capitalism. I love chocolate like any sane person but I don’t want a box of it. I don’t wear jewelry, cards are daft, going to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day is utter madness and well, all right, I love flowers. So I’ll give you that one.

Having said this, I’ll go on to admit that I am darkly romantic and a sucker for such things. Seriously. But if you really want to express your love, how about some books? I can’t be the only person on earth who feels this way.

Normally, I wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon and promote my books because of this even though there is considerable collective pressure to do so. But my publisher is graciously offering a nice deal in celebration of the season. So I’ll spread the love. Today through Valentine’s Day, all eBooks at Wild Child Publishing are 25% off. No code needed.

Here are my offerings…

Water Dark

Love is whole. Love cannot be divided from itself. Love knows all paths, where even gods and cats are blind. – From The Old One’s Domain

The greater a wizard’s power, the bigger his problems—and the higher the price he pays for not attending to them. Urien of Eyeroth belongs to the highest order of the Keepers of the Eye, a hierarchical order of wizards who maintain balance in the world of Ealiron. He has the ability to shapeshift into flora, fauna, earth, or fog. He can cast an apparition or merge with the minds of gods. He knows the Dark Tongue, a primeval language spoken by the votaries of the Old One.

He also has a broken heart. And it has driven him to make some lousy decisions.

Cover Art for Water DarkDark Fantasy/Fairy Tale/Romance
Novella, 48 pages

Perfect for Valentine’s Day. A tale of desire and deception told on a fairy-tale landscape of arcane texts, herbal lore, visions and disasters at the hands of the powerful.

Buy on sale at Wild Child Publishing


Wizards, Woods and Gods

In worlds where the veils are thin, the forces of darkness and light blur to twilight gray. Eight fantasy tales of magical gardens, lost temples, cosmic alignments, immortal predators, shapeshifters, wizards and gods.

The Trouble with Tansy – An orphaned girl on the threshold of womanhood inherits a splendid, mysterious garden from three generations of wisewomen. When a roguish wizard attempts to impress her by disrupting the seasons, she must turn to the old powers for help.

The War God Sleeps – When a lush, fertile land is seized by drought, a lonely hermit’s son ventures deep into the hills in search of water and there awakes a beautiful, yet terrible god whom the world has learned to live without.

The Bridge – A visionary who spent her life preparing for a planetary alignment that will materialize a beautiful nature spirit only she can perceive, descends into her blackest fears when she is abandoned to a war for which she is indirectly responsible.

The Fifth Verse – An ancient immortal entity defies the rules of her kind by falling in love with a mortal warrior, an indiscretion that leaves her grieving, pregnant and dependent on the help of a wizard whose army was responsible for the death of her beloved.

Deathseer – Under the influence of a mysterious observatory, the commander of a fearsome army is trapped in a conflict that eventually costs him his honor and the life of his brother, and drives him to accept an inborn magical ability that changes his destiny.

Eating Crow – A masterful, wayward shapeshiftress angers a wizard who curses her by summoning a diabolical immortal hunter that puts her near death and forces her to seek the wizard’s cat, a gentle, mystical creature that alone can heal her wounds.

Marked – The mother of a fey child learns the pitfalls of mingling with immortals when her boy is taken by a ferocious winged monster at the request of the god who fathered him.

The Origin – A woodsman discovers that he is a god who created everything around him to know the love of a woman whose mortality drives him to the brink of annihilation.

Cover Art, Wizards, Woods and GodsFantasy/Dark Fantasy/Fairy Tale
Short Story Collection, 120 pages

At some level, these stories are all about love…but nobody gets any chocolate. Eight dark fantasy tales exploring the mysteries of the Otherworld through tree and animal lore, magic, cosmos, love, war and mysticism.

Buy on sale at Wild Child Publishing.

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