Book Review: Into the Arms of Morpheus

Into the Arms of Morpheus

Into the Arms of Morpheus, by Jessica Nicholls
Kindle Edition, 166 pages

This is a remarkable tale. I was originally drawn to it by my love of Greek mythology. It doesn’t involve just any gods, but dark, enigmatic, dangerous gods: Night, Death, Dreams, the Sea. The author captures the essence of these beings with beautiful, hypnotic, subtle writing. It’s dark and gets right down into the raw core of things. I was captivated by the sensuous and high-contrast descriptions of moods, emotions, desires, landscapes, etc. Whether experiencing a cool night, the sadness of a god or the ugly underside of humanity, it was done with equal intensity.

I loved that the gods had issues. Messed up issues. This is played out through two well-developed, complex mortal characters who share a passionate longing to experience the Divine and to leave this world for the Otherworld. (Bad idea, as it turns out.)

This story is well edited and written in an interesting style. Short, crisp sentences, first person, present tense, as one might record a dream. This threw me a little at first, but I quickly became immersed. The point of view shifts around between mortals, gods, dreams and waking consciousness and in a few places I had to keep floating along until I figured out what was happening. By the end, it all became clear…in a startling way.

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

I received this book from Masquerade Crew in return for a fair review.
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  1. I am not a fan of first person present, but I am a huge fan of Greek mythology and especially the darker side of it. I am inclined to give this a shot since I trust your reviews!

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