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The Fylking, a high fantasy series woven with Norse mythology, swords and sorcery.

In the worlds of their dominion they are called Fylking, an immortal race of warriors akin to the Otherworld. Their homeworld is rich with vast mountains wrestling above the seas, some breathing fire and smoke and others lying quiet, black and pale beneath three moons. In the valleys amid raging rivers and bottomless lakes tower ancient forests in which the Fylking build living cities of trunk, bough and stone. Their deities, ruled by the elusive Raven God, embody the forces of war, wisdom, passion and nature.

Lovers of strife, song and steel, the Fylking’s empires span the heavens. War is an art to them, an exquisite tapestry of plots, logistics, weaponry and landscapes they mold to their design. The dance of good and evil occupies them utterly, one creating the other, oceans giving birth to blood and then washing it away again. Eons of working the fabric of time and space at interdimensional frequencies have made them gods among mortals. Only those with second sight can perceive them.

This series tells the exploits of the Fylking and their mortal observers — warriors, royals, seers, lovers, warlocks and mercenaries — generations upon generations coexisting in uneasy peace with the Gods of War. Over the ages of a Fylking occupation, the natural worthiness and fragility of mankind becomes poignant, as mortals are prone to annihilation and trickery by the Fylking’s enemies, dark, malevolent beings who think nothing of destroying a world to gain even a small advantage.

To a god, death is a dream. To a mortal, it is real.

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

Outpost Cover ArtOutpost, Book One in The Fylking. In a war-torn realm occupied by a race of immortal warlords called the Fylking, trouble comes with a price. Using the realm as a backwater outpost from which to fight an ancient war, the Fylking taught human seers to build and ward over an interdimensional portal called the Gate. The Fylking’s enemies are bent on destroying it.

After two centuries of peace, the realm is at war. Seers are disappearing and their immortal guardians are blind, deceived by their own kind. A Gate warden with a tormented past discovers a warlock using Fylking magic to gather an army of warriors that cannot die. A King’s ranger who defends the wilds of the realm is snared in a political trap that forces him to choose between love and honor. And a knitter touched by the gods catches the eye of a dark immortal with the power to summon storms.

Bound by synchronicity, forced to find allies in unlikely places, these three mortals are caught in a maelstrom of murder, treachery, sorcery and war. When they uncover the source of the rising darkness, they must rally to protect the Gate against a plot that will violate the balance of cosmos, destroy the Fylking and leave the world in ruins.

Finalist, SPFBO 2016

“McKinstry’s book proves to be one of the best independently published fantasy novels of the past year. Tense, gritty, exciting, and romantic, Outpost is a tale avid fantasy readers won’t want to miss.” – Self-Publishing Review

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Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

The Wolf Lords Cover Art Book Two in The Fylking.

The Fenrir Brotherhood is an ancient order of sorcerers who serve the Wolf Gods of the North. Traditionally hired by warlords to protect their own bloody, ambitious interests, the brotherhood now keeps to itself.

Or so it is generally believed.

The older something is, the more secrets it keeps. And with the help of the Fylking’s enemies, the secrets of the Wolf Lords are about to unleash armies of demons across the land.

Those with second sight will be the first to die.

Coming in 2017.

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