Three Quick Fantasy Reads

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For your reading pleasure, three of my stories are now on Kindle Unlimited. These tales are very short and pack a punch—wizards, warriors, assassins, witches, ravens, mice, war, love and mayhem.

WWG Print Cover ArtThese three stories are also included in Wizards, Woods and Gods, twelve dark fantasy tales exploring the mysteries of the Otherworld through tree and animal lore, magic, cosmos, love, war and mysticism.

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Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

Pattern Sense

Driven by the nocturnal activities of a mouse, a knitter discovers a strange power in the stitches of her latest knitting project. But when her heart is broken, she learns that love is more powerful than even the strengths and pitfalls of the earth’s own magic.

ISBN 9781310979842
3500 words

Earth Blood

The earth keeps secrets. A warrior discovers an ancient power in his veins when he’s plunged into the political corruption of a war devised to hide the truth of his mother’s death.

ISBN 9781310981081
1950 words

The Om Tree

Trees know things. A tree planted by a god at the dawn of a forest and raised in close proximity to an energy well beneath a wizards’ citadel knows a great many things. In this tale, a wizard-assassin loses what is most dear to him and thereby learns the true nature of his art.

ISBN 9781310244094
2100 words

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