Cats Will Stalk Anything


It’s spring here in northern New England. The grass is green, the buds on the trees are finally coming out, daffodils are blooming and all the critters are out of hibernation.

This morning I was sitting on the porch writing in a notebook (with a pen–yeah, people still do that) and I had a visitor. I knew it was something wild when my cats freaked out, stood to attention and/or ran growling inside. And here comes a young bear, clambering through the trees to check out the bird feeders.

Oona and BearSo my cat Oona (a.k.a. Yoga Crasher), what does she do? She takes it upon herself to creep up to the poor little guy and scare it up a tree.

I had a brief discussion with Oona about mother bears and the prudence of leaving baby bears alone and she, well, ignored me, not that this surprised anybody.



Cats. You have to give them points for nerve.


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2 thoughts on “Cats Will Stalk Anything

  1. I’m not so much a cat person but admit this is cute. I do love to write in my Moleskine Journal, things like inspirations for book scenes. The Moleskine is not plastic so it feels good in my hand, is easier than typing on a phone or tablet, and is more portable than a laptop. It’s something high tech has not yet surpassed.

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    • I agree! I’ve written big swaths of books and stories in notebooks first. I like to curl up somewhere or better yet, sit outside and do that; it’s a whole different experience than being in front of a computer. 🙂


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