Outpost (The Fylking #1) by F T McKinstry #SPFBOF

Here’s an SPFBO update on Outpost…a fantastic review. My deepest thanks to Lynn for her time and care.

Books and travelling with Lynn

FullSizeRender-10OutpostToday I’m reviewing my chosen book from the fifth batch of books.  For the SPFBO I split my books into 6 batches, each batch having 5 books, with the aim of choosing one favourite book from each and then to pick an overall winner from those final 6 and today’s post is my review of my book from the fifth batch.

Outpost is a well written and absorbing high fantasy story set on the war torn planet of Math.  The planet Math, already at war, is about to face it’s biggest threat and whilst the majority of the planet is wrapped up in politics, intrigue and warfare a much more deadly foe threatens its very existence.  With an underlying love story (very subtle) and three very unlikely allies McKinstry manages to spin a fascinating tale which I found really quite compelling.

The world building.  There’s quite a lot going on…

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