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The Hunter’s Rede, Book One in The Chronicles of Ealiron, is now available in all e-formats.

Lorth of Ostarin is a hunter of men. Lawless, solitary and obscure, he is trained in magic and its inherent order. This uneasy combination of pitilessness and structure has made him the highest paid assassin in the land. It is also about to throw his life into chaos.

The trouble begins when Lorth returns home from a long absence to find his old haunts compromised by a cruel, upstart warlord who has invaded the realm and pushed it to the brink of war. Lorth’s cavalier attempt to elude a political sandpit quickly deteriorates into a series of skirmishes that he negotiates with a sword and a reckless penchant for using magic against the rules. He flees with a price on his head; but no angry warlords, wizards, foreign aristocrats or spooky apparitions can rattle him from the dark stability of his profession—until he is captured and condemned to execution by a formidable wizard who serves the old powers.

In his quest to prove his innocence and loyalty to the realm, Lorth discovers the value of his conflict between war and wizardry. But his quest turns bloody when love for a priestess and a will to avenge his homeland drives him to infiltrate an enemy occupation bent on domination and a blatant disregard for the forces of magic. This brings him to his greatest test, where he must surrender to the darkness of his nature to become a hunter unlike anything he has ever known.

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

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Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

“Clear. Solid. Powerfully interesting.”

“Reminiscent of Michael Moorcock in his Elric saga.”

“The main character Lorth is a masterpiece.”

“This is really an engaging story. It is a very vivid read with some incredible

“Without a doubt one of the best books I’ve ever read.”

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

Novel, 303 pages
Second Edition
Map: Ealiron: Sourcesee and West
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