Wizards, War and Badassery. Now on KU!

The first three books in The Chronicles of Ealiron are now available on Amazon for free with Kindle Unlimited. This epic/heroic fantasy series follows the exploits of an assassin named Lorth of Ostarin, a complex character who serves the old powers and has a legendary penchant for bringing things to their darkest ends. These books stand alone as individual stories that happen in the same world with Lorth and some of the other characters appearing throughout.

The Hunter’s Rede. A swords-and-sorcery tale of one warrior’s transformation by the forces of war, wizardry, betrayal and love. In this tale, Lorth discovers his destiny when his homeland is occupied by a cruel warlord with no respect for the deeper powers of the world.

The Gray Isles. Some fish stories should be taken seriously. Very seriously. In this story, Lorth sets off on a routine mission and is drawn into the cataclysmic fate of an Otherworld being that rules the sea.

Crowharrow. An immortal hunter, a gardener, and some very naughty wizards. In this story Lorth must use his darker abilities to help two powerful wizards protect a maiden from a diabolical immortal predator bent on fulfilling a curse.

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

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