Smashwords Summer Winter Sale

For the month of July, The Fylking Omnibus, Chronicles of Ealiron Omnibus, and Wizards, Woods and Gods will be available on Smashwords for half price. You can download these goodies in any format.

The Fylking Omnibus. They thought the wars were over. But time is nothing to an immortal, let alone a warlock with an axe to grind. High fantasy woven with Norse mythology, swords and sorcery. Includes Books 1-2: Outpost and The Wolf Lords; a glossary and a link to a high resolution map.

“Great writing. Incredible worldbuilding.”

Chronicles of Ealiron Omnibus. An ancient hierarchy of wizards. Votaries of the old powers. Warlords, fiends and shadows. Where the Otherworld is alive, nature is sovereign and balance is kept by the sword. Includes Books 1-4: The Hunter’s Rede, The Gray Isles, The Winged Hunter, and The Riven God; a glossary, and links to high resolution maps.

“F.T. McKinstry is a master of this genre.”

Wizards, Woods and Gods. A collection of twelve fantasy tales exploring the mysteries of the Otherworld through tree and animal lore, magic, cosmos, love, war and mysticism. Includes the novella Water Dark.

“F.T. McKinstry writes in a way that involves all the senses. It’s not something I read line by line, but sensation by sensation. Highly recommended.”

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