Crowharrow, Cover ArtBook Three in the Chronicles of Ealiron.

Deep in the heart of Loralin Forest, folks whisper of the crowharrow, an immortal predator with the body of a male god, towering black wings and the claws and fangs of a mountain cat. A legend, they say. But the wise know differently.

Tansel is a gardener with a healer’s hand. Sheltered by solitude, innocence, and the secrets of three generations of troubled wizards, she does not understand why, during a personal crisis, a mysterious mage named Caelfar takes her away from her forest home under a premise of protection. But her aunt Aradia, a witch, has been waiting. She knows a terrible secret involving Caelfar and the crowharrow, a diabolical seducer and destroyer of women. When the beast casts its spell on Tansel, only Aradia knows what it means.

Caelfar, while enormously powerful, is very old and worn for reasons long buried in his past. His desperation to protect Tansel from the crowharrow and a strong distrust of Aradia’s motives drives him to summon a wizard named Eaglin, the son of a god and master of the old powers. When Eaglin answers this summons, he is confronted by a secret of his own, an old wound in his heart that takes shape as the crowharrow itself. Thus tormented, he journeys to Loralin accompanied by Lorth, a wizard-assassin with an inborn vision into the Otherworld, and with whom Eaglin shares a turbulent yet appreciative history.

Sheltered by the wilds her entire life, Tansel is ill prepared to deal with the intensity of an immortal seduction spell, let alone the long shadows of wizards and the complexities of family politics. At the hands of the Otherworld, she and the wizards are swept up in a whirlwind of peril, deception, and upheaval that eventually uncovers a devastating connection between the crowharrow and Caelfar’s bloodline. To heal this curse, Tansel must discover her true roots and destiny as a healer.

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

Can be read as a standalone story.

Double Dragon Publishing
Novel, 270 pages
Map of Ealiron: Sourcesee
Video Trailer

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Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

Crowharrow, Cover ArtCrowharrow, Book Three in the Chronicles of Ealiron, Double Dragon Publishing.

A tale of the perils of innocence, an immortal hunter’s curse and the long shadows of wizards.

Barnes and Noble
Double Dragon Publishing
Lulu (Paperback)

© F.T. McKinstry 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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