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“A dark and thoroughly fun new fantasy saga. Tapping into the best elements of high-genre writing, this character-driven knockout is a thrilling pleasure to read. There is expert plot-crafting at work, not to mention multilevel world-building, original rules for magic, and a compellingly dark streak of philosophy. McKinstry has a masterful pen, one born for this niche of darkly epic storytelling.” Self-Publishing Review (Click on badge for full review)

“This is a story with a surprising twist, cleverly plotted and filled with action. F.T. McKinstry is a great storyteller with the skill to grab and keep the attention of the reader. While the plot is gripping with surprises stacked along the way, it was the skillful handling of character that caught my full attention. The novel has a beautiful setting… You won’t notice the passage of time as you read this gripping fantasy.” – Ruffina Oserio, Readers’ Favorite (Click on badge for full review)

“The intensity of emotions from our anti-heroic central figure was really poignant and strong… This makes for a unique reading experience that really brings you close to Lorth despite his many flaws, engaging you on every page and spinning a fascinating plot that winds and weaves to a satisfying conclusion… Overall, The Hunter’s Rede is a grisly, action-packed extravaganza of fantasy, war, and magic not to be missed.” – K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite (Click on badge for full review)

“F.T. McKinstry was able to grab my attention right from the opening line and kept me reading until the explosive denouement.” – Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite (Click on badge for full review)

“Overall, I would say that The Hunter’s Rede is probably one of my most favourite fantasy novels of all time, which is saying something because I have read rather a lot of fantasy novels. The language, the characters, the plot, it is all really wonderful and I am likely to be reading them again, and again, and again. Excellent book!” E.G. Stone (See Entire Review)

“There are not very many writers who can combine lyricism with intense action and a complex plot and have it work. This book is a triumph.” – Customer Review on Amazon

“If you enjoy Norse and/or Celtic mythology, you’ll enjoy the tale-spinning work of F.T. McKinstry. The world building is well crafted and I think that the complexity of the characters will be more than satisfactory to readers… The story is full of just the right mix of action and more calm character building scenes. Great read, very entertaining, and looking forward to seeing what else will come out of the Chronicles of Ealiron.” – Customer Review on Amazon

“Written in the style of high fantasy, with a healthy dash of swashbuckling derring-do, the Hunter’s rede is a riveting page-turner. Fans of the Witcher are likely to enjoy the Hunter’s Rede, as it has some of the same irreverence and rule-breaking attitude. Lorth, however is not the Witcher. He is something else entirely, with a unique role to play in his country’s fate and the fate of the lovely woman who rules it. Action, intrigue, and romance combine to make this books a fun read for just about anyone.” – Customer Review on Amazon

“This book was a pleasure to read and get lost in. Very well written, poetic prose, yet easy to read. Highly developed characters and plot line in a vast, bright world! Highly recommend this book and I can’t wait to get into the next one in the series.” – Customer Review on Goodreads

“The writer has a wonderful, flowing, articulate style that doesn’t stall or drag along. She paints great imagery with a superbly developed main character, an excellent cast of characters around him, and a well thought-out system of magic…a great story about assassins, non-traditional wizards, powerful magic, men at arms, swords and arrows, royalty, relationships, and political intrigue… This book can be read as a stand-alone novel and it won’t leave you hanging.” – Customer Review on Amazon

“This is without a doubt one of the best books I’ve ever read and I read a lot of books. This review will be short and sweet. Get the book and read it! You won’t regret it.” – Customer Review on Amazon

“I was especially impressed with the magic system Ms. McKinstry developed. It had a certain subtlety and authenticity that I’ve seen lacking in other fantasy novels. F.T. McKinstry weaves together an engaging tale of suspense, magic and romance that’s well worth seeking out.” – David Lee Summers, Editor of Tales of the Talisman and author of Owl Dance

“One of those old-school pulp fantasy tales that hits all the right notes. F.T. McKinstry has built an interesting world here, with a fascinating system of magic, and put an interesting protagonist at the forefront. Lorth is a great character, reminiscent of such pulp heroes as Conan, Elric, and Fafhrd.” – Bob Milne, Beauty in Ruins

“Clear. Solid. Powerfully interesting. I was engrossed in the story and enjoyed the events which occurred very much. The action was well-placed, the story well-paced, and the plot events interlaced… The use of symbolism and the Old One was also inspired and the secrets doled out just right.” – Jason P. Crawford, Author Alliance

“The magic system itself is fleshed-out and creative, using patterns and divine interventions to provide for a wide range of uses without turning into a heavy-handed plot device…The Hunter’s Rede is a thriller set in a magical realm, where wizards and hunters lay traps for one another, and where the word of either a god or a mortal can mean the difference between life and death.” – Alex Willging, Mr. Rhapsodist

“This is a well written tale and highly enjoyable. I look forward to reading more by this author.” – Customer Review on Amazon

“The author has a great ability to tap into modes of magical or shamanistic thinking and make them come concretely alive. Various power modes unfolding in Lorth’s mind often strike the reader with uncanny force. A major strength of this novel is the sense-drenched depiction of internal psychic events.” – Michael D. Smith, author of the Jack Commer Series

“The very beginning of the story grabbed me right away…I enjoyed this author’s dialogue as it flowed well and didn’t slow the story down. F.T. McKinstry is a talented writer who writes in a very poetic style. Her use of similes and metaphors gives her work a unique feel… her descriptions were beautiful, interesting, and unique all at the same time.” – Fantasy Book Review

“Highly recommended. Not at all run of the mill or formulaic. A rich and interesting story line with well developed characters.” – Customer Review on Amazon

“The Hunter’s Rede takes you to a world filled with magic and warfare. F.T. McKinstry creates a wonderful story with a great plot, heavy political intrigue, plenty of blade action, and even a bit of love. This author is a serious fantasy writer whose work deserves to be followed closely.” – Customer Review on Amazon

“Lorth is an interesting character. I was given lots of glimpses inside his head, which allowed me to see just what was going on. He sticks to his own code, and he never seems to waver. His responses to certain events are believable and stay true to his character without becoming predictable.” – Erica Lane, Fantasy Book Lane

“I loved the relationships between the characters…all the relationships (no matter how small and seeming insignificant) were incredibly realistic and engaging. I lived for the dialogue because, once the dialogue started, it was great and showed so much of Lorth’s character as well as complimenting all the established relationships he had with other people.” – Vanessa Aere at Book Butterfly Reviews

“This is really an engaging story. The words truly come alive under the skillful hand of Ms. McKinstry. It is a very vivid read with some incredible imagery… All of the characters were really well done and believable.” – Maggie Thom at The Masquerade Crew

“I thought after two pages I’d put it down but I couldn’t. It kept me going until the last page.” – Customer Review on Amazon

“McKinstry’s writing is detailed and articulate; never once does this novel halt or become stagnant and never once does it drag along. If you adore fantasy tales that feature assassins and an incredible, visually stunning world that explores political themes as well as love then you will adore this book!” – Aimee at redheadedbooklover

“F.T. McKinstry has a gift for unique stories.” – Customer Review on Amazon

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

The Hunter's Rede CoverThe Hunter’s Rede, Book One in the Chronicles of Ealiron.

A swords-and-sorcery tale of one warrior’s transformation by the forces of war, betrayal, wizardry and love.

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