Outpost, Book One in The Fylking

Outpost Cover Art“The tone is excellent, reminiscent of some of the earliest examples of grim Norse fantasy.” – G.R. Matthews, Fantasy Faction (See Entire Review)

“The strongest aspect of Outpost is unquestionably its writing. The prose is polished and knowledgeable. McKinstry’s excellent description is both fluid and elegantly simple, and it paints an effective picture of settings, events, and characters. All in all, McKinstry’s book proves to be one of the best independently published fantasy novels of the past year. Tense, gritty, exciting, and romantic, Outpost is a tale avid fantasy readers won’t want to miss.” – Self-Publishing Review (See Entire Review)

“I found this a very enjoyable read with likeable characters living in a well imagined world and I would definitely continue to read more in this series.” – Lynn’s Book Blog (See Entire Review)

“Her pace builds like that of a Stephen King novel, laconic at first, then very interesting and mysterious, and finally becoming a thrilling drama, ratcheting along to an epic conclusion at breakneck speed. At some point it will become really hard for you to put the book down.” – J. Ellyne, author of The Fair and Fey (See Entire Review)

“A truly masterful achievement.” – Michael D. Smith, author of the Jack Commer Series (See Entire Review)

“This is a novel that will get your heart racing and make you bite your nails. The tension was palpable, the dialogues were crisp and the characters were real, despite having powers. They had human flaws that made them approachable and understanding.” – Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite (See Entire Review)

“This book was awesome. The world building was great and in-depth, yet believable and not overwhelming. The plot is solid. The characters are diverse and interesting. Everything flows and comes together.” – J.F. Jenkins, author of The Dragons Saga (See Entire Review)

“Outpost is a richly described fantasy world that I could immediately envision. McKinstry does an excellent job of describing the characters and the landscape with such detail that I felt as if I was immersed in the world. I was amazed at the skill needed to keep the characters’ stories separate and unique. I enjoyed this story thoroughly.” – Anna Smith, Readers’ Favorite (See Entire Review)

“Outpost (The Fylking Book 1) by F.T. McKinstry is an entertaining epic fantasy novel with a unique and distinctly new world sure to entertain anyone who is a fan of the genre. Great story, I really enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to reading more books in this series.” Ryan Jordan, Readers’ Favorite (See Entire Review)

“Welcome to the Outpost, where the portal to another realm must be kept closed or the wrath of hell and power hungry monsters will plow every living creature down in a bloodbath of terror and annihilation. F.T. McKinstry has shown great strength in writing…one huge tapestry of suspense, treachery and magical wars. A well told dark fantasy that twists around itself like a cobra waiting to strike.” – Dianne, Tome Tender (See Entire Review)

“This is a fascinating tale, full of creatures one doesn’t encounter every day. Rich and beautiful descriptions of the landscape and characters really stood out in this story. I could picture myself there. Toward the end it’s very hard to put this book down.” – Erica Lane, Fantasy Book Lane (See Entire Review)

“Outpost is a well written novel, a fantasy saga itching to burst into the stars. F.T. McKinstry created a complex world of Norse inspiration where Otherworldly creatures abound in the treacherous fog and tangled forests…listening to distant echoes of Tolkien.” – Lord Walki Wolf (See Entire Review)

“Outpost is filled with beautiful imagery and touches of magic on every page. I look forward to reading more about these Gods of War in future books of the series.” – HeatherAnne Norbury, Floofy Not Floofy (See Entire Review)

“This was a great read! I love all the creatures in the tale. I also enjoyed many of the characters. I will definitely read on in this series. Recommend if you are looking for a wonderful fantasy book.” – Goodreads (See Entire Review)

“I do enjoy a good fantasy book, and I say a Good Fantasy book, and Outpost fulfilled all the requirements. A clever mix of mythical elements, faery tale, sword & sorcery, and romantic lust.” – Goodreads (See Entire Review)

“F.T. McKinstry’s writing style is superb.” – Goodreads (See Entire Review)


The Hunter’s Rede, Book One in the Chronicles of Ealiron

The Hunter's Rede, Cover Art

“I was especially impressed with the magic system Ms. McKinstry developed. It had a certain subtlety and authenticity that I’ve seen lacking in other fantasy novels. F.T. McKinstry weaves together an engaging tale of suspense, magic and romance that’s well worth seeking out.” – David Lee Summers, Editor of Tales of the Talisman and author of Owl Dance

“…one of those old-school pulp fantasy tales that hits all the right notes. F.T. McKinstry has built an interesting world here, with a fascinating system of magic, and put an interesting protagonist at the forefront. Lorth is a great character, reminiscent of such pulp heroes as Conan, Elric, and Fafhrd.” – Bob Milne, Beauty in Ruins (See Entire Review)

“Clear. Solid. Powerfully interesting. I was engrossed in the story and enjoyed the events which occurred very much. The action was well-placed, the story well-paced, and the plot events interlaced… The use of symbolism and the Old One was also inspired and the secrets doled out just right.” – Jason P. Crawford, Author Alliance

“The magic system itself is fleshed-out and creative, using patterns and divine interventions to provide for a wide range of uses without turning into a heavy-handed plot device…The Hunter’s Rede is a thriller set in a magical realm, where wizards and hunters lay traps for one another, and where the word of either a god or a mortal can mean the difference between life and death.” – Alex Willging, Mr. Rhapsodist (See Entire Review)

“The author has a great ability to tap into modes of magical or shamanistic thinking and make them come concretely alive. Various power modes unfolding in Lorth’s mind often strike the reader with uncanny force. A major strength of this novel is the sense-drenched depiction of internal psychic events.” – Michael D. Smith, author of the Jack Commer Series (See Entire Review)

“The very beginning of the story grabbed me right away…I enjoyed this author’s dialogue as it flowed well and didn’t slow the story down. F.T. McKinstry is a talented writer who writes in a very poetic style. Her use of similes and metaphors gives her work a unique feel… her descriptions were beautiful, interesting, and unique all at the same time.” – Fantasy Book Review

“The writer has a wonderful, flowing, articulate style that doesn’t stall or drag along. She paints great imagery with a superbly developed main character, an excellent cast of characters around him, and a well thought-out system of magic…a great story about assassins, non-traditional wizards, powerful magic, men at arms, swords and arrows, royalty, relationships, and political intrigue… This book can be read as a stand-alone novel and it won’t leave you hanging.” – Customer Review on Amazon

“The Hunter’s Rede takes you to a world filled with magic and warfare. F.T. McKinstry creates a wonderful story with a great plot, heavy political intrigue, plenty of blade action, and even a bit of love. This author is a serious fantasy writer whose work deserves to be followed closely.” – Customer Review on Amazon

“Lorth is an interesting character. I was given lots of glimpses inside his head, which allowed me to see just what was going on. He sticks to his own code, and he never seems to waver. His responses to certain events are believable and stay true to his character without becoming predictable.” – Erica Lane, Fantasy Book Lane (See Entire Review)

“I loved the relationships between the characters…all the relationships (no matter how small and seeming insignificant) were incredibly realistic and engaging. I lived for the dialogue because, once the dialogue started, it was great and showed so much of Lorth’s character as well as complimenting all the established relationships he had with other people.” – Vanessa Aere at Book Butterfly Reviews (See Entire Review)

“This is really an engaging story. The words truly come alive under the skillful hand of Ms. McKinstry. It is a very vivid read with some incredible imagery… All of the characters were really well done and believable.” – Maggie Thom at The Masquerade Crew (See Entire Review)

“F.T. McKinstry has a gift for unique stories.” Review on Amazon


The Gray Isles, Book Two in the Chronicles of Ealiron

Cover Art, The Gray Isles

“F.T. McKinstry has a lyrical voice that suits the ancient magic she describes. The majesty of the gods and mystical forces of the novel entranced me and I found myself completely believing this fantasy world. If you’re looking for a believable and well crafted fantasy world, you’d do well reading either of the novels in the Chronicles of Ealiron series.” – David Lee Summers, Editor of Tales of the Talisman and author of Owl Dance (See Entire Review)

“The Gray Isles is a very tight and compelling tale of suspense on rocky shores and the high seas, being both a coming of age story and a hardboiled mystery set in a mythical land.” – Alex Willging, Mr. Rhapsodist (See Entire Review)

“…the author probes a young man’s mystical transformation and his painful acquiring of a self-knowledge which has profound implications for the Gray Isles and the realm of Ealiron. The strength of this novel lies in its descriptions of Hemlock’s psychological states as he undergoes his psychic changes. It also abounds in excellent descriptions of emotions and sensations…” – Michael D. Smith, author of the Jack Commer Series (See Entire Review)


Crowharrow, Book Three in the Chronicles of Ealiron

Crowharrow, Cover Art

“The author convincingly marshals the psychic energies of the characters towards unexpected conclusions and new perspectives. In addition to a deep examination of the souls of all the major characters, the novel resonates with the beauty of the natural world, of gardens and the numinous earth.” – Michael D. Smith, author of the Jack Commer Series (See Entire Review)

“Crowharrow is set in a world that is one of the most detailed I’ve seen in quite some time. The book contains rich description of sights and sounds that while evocative of the real world, have that touch of the fantastical that you can only find in epic fantasy.” – Patricia D. Eddy, Author Alliance

“Crowharrow provides another fresh look at a fantasy landscape. It is a quiet but powerful tale of innocence and maturity, broken promises, and the value of a well-kept garden.” – Alex Willging, Mr. Rhapsodist (See Entire Review)


Ascarion, Book Four in the Chronicles of Ealiron

Ascarion Cover Art

“The pace never slackens as the characters move from one adventure to another in this epic novel. Background explanations are well-integrated and it’s easy to get your bearings in the complex yet emotionally solid mythology of Ealiron. Romance, magic, and pathological power manipulations unreel alongside fascinating swordplay that rarely turns out as you might expect or hope.” – Michael D. Smith, author of the Jack Commer Series (See Entire Review)

“F.T. McKinstry is a master of this genre. Her prose, plot and character development make her books an incredible joy to read. The Chronicles of Ealiron is my absolute favorite series. McKinstry masterfully weaves an intricate tale into the complicated magical world she’s created in a manner that completely captivates the reader without overload…stories are full of magic, mystics, warriors, cults, conspiracies, deities, fully developed and interesting. The main character Lorth is a masterpiece. Best stuff out there. Please keep writing.” – Review on Amazon (See Entire Review)


Wizards, Woods and Gods

WWG Print Cover Art

“All the stories are interesting and fun to read… This author gives her stories depth and gave this reader the feeling I was actually in that time and place…” – Long and Short Reviews (Read entire review)

“These are short stories but there is a lot of story in each one. They are well told and I enjoyed every one. I will be buying more McKinstry books.” – Review on Amazon

“If you enjoy a book for sake of an interesting story, this book is for you. If you enjoy a story for sake of how well it’s written, this book is even more so for you. F.T. McKinstry writes in a way that involves all the senses. It’s not something I read line by line, but sensation by sensation. Highly recommended.” – Review on Barnes and Noble

“The series of short stories that make up this book are filled with poetic imaging and storytelling that breathes more than just life into the stories…elevated the telling into the fantasy realm even without subject matter that also took place there.” – Review on Goodreads

“Short stories that run the gamut from humour, fantasy all the way to science fiction. I found it a very easy read and would highly recommend it!” – Review on Goodreads

“Each story is set in a fantasy setting, in a world full of magical elements and mythical beings. They are told in a language that is richly descriptive and in my opinion, it helped to make the reader get into the atmosphere of the stories.” – Review on Goodreads

“I think my favorite story was Eating Crow, involving a shapeshifting female who rarely takes the form of a mortal woman. Then there is The Bridge, which was a rather sensual tale between a priestess and a hunter. In another tale entitled The Deathseer, there is such a memorable quote by an assassin of all people: ‘Love is the difficult choice, Thorn said quietly. Fear is easy.'” – Jessica Nicholls, author of Into the Arms of Morpheus. (Read Entire Review)

Water DarkThe story focuses on the complex interplay of four characters and explores their powers, their secrets and their loves, their battles of wills, their manipulations and treacheries, their sense of tragedy and loss… – Michael D. Smith, author of the Jack Commer Series (See Entire Review)

“This is my introduction to the literature of FT McKinstry, and I’m positively in love with her writing style! The work flowed at a perfect pace, we were introduced to several conflicts, and their resolutions.The characters had depth and personality, and the descriptions were vivid and pulled me right in. I also love how magic is treated like a science.” – R.A. Sears, The Ragnarok Legacy (See Entire Review)

Water Dark was an engaging dark fantasy. It was very well written, plot driven, and pulled me in immediately. The world the author has created was filled with a richness that’s needed in fantasy stories these days.” – Wicked Readings by Tawania (See Entire Review)

“Water Dark is a tale that should delight both fantasy fans and devoted followers of F.T. McKinstry. It provides an unexpected conclusion keeping the novel rather cryptic and mysterious, which is how it should be.” – Writer Wonderland (See Entire Review)

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