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I’m offering some of my books in the 10th Annual Smashwords Read an Ebook Sale running March 3rd through March 9th. Sale will be on Smashwords only, in any e-format. Here’s the lineup:

Omnibus Cover75% Off
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Chronicles of Ealiron Omnibus Edition.

An ancient hierarchy of wizards.
Votaries of the old powers.
Warlords, fiends and shadows.
Where the otherworld is alive, nature is sovereign and balance is kept by the sword.

These tales are driven by an assassin named Lorth of Ostarin, a complex character with a bent towards bringing things to their darkest ends. Following his redoubtable exploits, each book stands alone, happening in the same world with Lorth and some of the other characters appearing throughout.

The Omnibus Edition includes Books 1-4, a full glossary and links to high resolution maps.

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

Outpost Cover Art50% Off
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Outpost, Book One in The Fylking.

A race of immortal warriors who live by the sword.
A gate between the worlds.
Warriors, royals, seers and warlocks living in uneasy peace on one side of the Veil.
Until now.

The Wolf Lords Cover Art50% Off
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The Wolf Lords, Book Two in The Fylking.

A wounded immortal warlock bent on reprisal.
An ancient order of sorcerers hungry for power.
Warriors beset by armies of demons and immortals.
And a lonely hedge witch whose dark secrets could change everything–
If only they could find her.

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

WWG Print Cover ArtFREE
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Wizards, Woods and Gods. The Otherworld takes shape in this collection of twelve stories told on a rich, fairytale tapestry of swords, sorcery, romance, dreams, visions and verse. Some of these stories inspired my novels; others were inspired by them; and some take place in the same worlds. Many of these stories have been published in fantasy/scifi magazines.

Also includes Water Dark, a novella that takes place in the world featured in the Chronicles of Ealiron.

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Demon Tamer. Old women tell tales of Otherworld beings one must never tangle with. Powerful, elusive and malevolent, these beings will lay traps around one’s ignorance and need, if given the chance. But once in an age, a mortal comes along who dares to either cross or bargain with such creatures…and a darker tale is born.

This novella is based on an excerpt from The Wolf Lords, Book Two in The Fylking.

Happy reading!

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