The Wolf Lords: Reviews

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The Wolf Lords, Book Two in The Fylking. A grim, high fantasy tale of trickery, reprisal, old enemies and sorcery gone horribly wrong.


“After the first book in the series (which I loved) I had high expectations for this book. And it absolutely fulfilled them. The characters are great to read (Ingifrith is my favourite) and the plot is twisty, entertaining, and ranges from small to epic events. An extremely good book.” – E.G. Stone

“This second novel in The Fylking series exceeded all of my expectations for a fantasy novel. An alluring plot weaves intrigue that tempts you into the world of invisible warriors, magical spells and demons. The characters are so vivid and enchanting, they practically leap from the page. I especially loved the tortured, heartbroken character of Othin, who tries to overcome losing his true love. The author’s writing style is beautifully descriptive with so much detail that it draws you completely into the world of the characters. Her ability to build tension and develop character relationships is extraordinary. I could not help compare the storyline to Nordic folklore. This is a gem of a novel.” – Lesley Jones, Readers’ Favorite (See Entire Review)

“The Wolf Lords is definitely a novel for adults. Its dark themes and strains of graphic violence give it an edge. I was easily invested in the story right from the beginning. The vivid imagery and the realistic descriptions just lured me right in and had me reading on until the very end. The story itself is very complex and has layers upon layers of plot that I loved to uncover. The character development was simply amazing. Every character added something new to the story… I loved the flow, enjoyed the setting, and simply cannot wait for the next novel in the series. Very entertaining.” – Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite (See Entire Review)

“This epic fantasy is a series that had the same effect The Lord of the Rings had on me. The narrative is focused and the author imagines worlds where conflict thrives easily and creates powerful factions with conflicting interests and characters that are sophisticated. The Wolf Lords explores the role played by The Fenrir Brotherhood, an ancient order of sorcerers with dreadful secrets, in a phenomenal conflict. The action is intense and pulsating and the scenes are so beautifully written that they leave vivid images in the minds of readers. F.T. McKinstry establishes a unique, strong signature in the genre of epic fantasy with a series that will set readers on an exciting adventure.” – Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite (See Entire Review)

“Written for adults due to its dark nature and graphic violence, this is also a highly political and complex tale… The depth of the reading experience is very worthwhile as author F.T. McKinstry puts a lot into the worldbuilding, lore, and history of this setting, giving traditional fantasy fans a lot to sink their teeth into. Overall, The Wolf Lords is a superbly told immersive fantasy novel sure to please hardcore fans the world over.” K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite (See Entire Review)

“This is a story that explores the allure of power and the ills that come with it. Conflict is developed at multiple levels and it is interesting how the author builds segments of power and creates powerful groups to oppose each other. The language is unique… A sophisticated plot with compelling characters and gorgeous prose. The Wolf Lords follows the tale of an ancient order poised to redeem a world quickly falling apart. It is intense and deeply moving.” – Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite (See Entire Review)

“Great writing. Incredible world building.” – Fee Roberts, FeeRtheDragon (See Entire Review)

“The Wolf Lords is a rich emotional experience with a philosophical/religious framework that, for me, transcends the fantasy genre. Both books of the Fylking series seem rich in literary potential.” – Michael D. Smith, author of the Jack Commer Series (See Entire Review)

“Awesome book. Loved the first book also. I hope there will be more in the series.” – Amazon Customer Review

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

The Wolf Lords Cover ArtA wounded immortal warlock bent on reprisal.
An ancient order of sorcerers hungry for power.
Warriors beset by armies of demons and immortals.
And a lonely hedge witch whose dark secrets could change everything.
…If only they could find her.

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