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I write fantasy, swords and sorcery, and fairy tales. I like books, forests, winter, cats, music and computers. I live in the northwoods of New England, don’t get out much and have one foot in the Otherworld. For years, in the closets of high tech jobs, I created fantasy worlds. Now I spend most of my time there.

Hemlock, by F.T. McKinstry


I have a dark side, as all things do. Among other things, it often takes the form of a warrior, a rather nasty, belligerent fellow with a penchant for whisky, swords and trouble. He isn’t much into considering the upshot. Other times, my dark side is primordial, feminine, but not in a nice way. She pulls weeds, mercilessly edits manuscripts, and broods for days before painting or writing something. She destroys to create; she doesn’t suffer the sun and she packs a scythe. I’ve made peace with these beings by giving them free range in my work. In return, they don’t drive me mad. They show me things. Beautiful things.

I am constantly looking for answers, and have spent my life delving into any and every esoteric thing that catches my eye. I love Northern European legend and mythology. Also woven into my stories are threads of plant and animal lore, mythical creatures, medieval warfare, shamanism, pagan themes, verse and shadows. I’ve published a series of fantasy novels called The Chronicles of Ealiron, many short stories in various fantasy/sci fi magazines, a story collection called Wizards, Woods and Gods and a dark fantasy novelette called Water Dark. In November 2015 I released Outpost, Book One in a new fantasy series called The Fylking..

Collections of galleries on Fine Art America and Deviant Art contain original paintings and drawings inspired by the natural, mysterious and imaginary.

My blog is an illustrated canvas for news, information and visions about my work, including notions about writing or existence in general. Feel free to explore, and enjoy your visit.

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