The Chronicles of Ealiron

Ealiron: Sourcesee and West

In the world of Ealiron, an ancient hierarchy of wizards wields balance through a complex magical system of correspondences between trees, birds, color, sound, geometric patterns and energies deep in the earth. Votaries of the old powers work the forces of nature inherent in the cycles of life, death and transformation. These stories delve into the Otherworld through interactions between mortals and immortals. Wizards, warriors, gods and fools embark on swords-and-sorcery adventures into the darkest and most sublime aspects of the human heart.

The Chronicles of Ealiron are driven by an assassin named Lorth of Ostarin, a complex character with a bent towards bringing things to their darkest ends. These books stand alone as individual stories that happen in the same world with Lorth and some of the other characters appearing throughout. A Glossary is available that includes illustrations and links to maps, posts, and other relevant information: Chronicles of Ealiron: Terms and Places. A print version of the Glossary is also included in the books.

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

The Hunter's Rede, Cover ArtBook One: The Hunter’s Rede. Lorth of Ostarin is an assassin trained by a wizard unknown to his kind. He is paid very well to employ both the primeval darkness of a hunter and the ordered light of a mage, an uneasy combination he does not question until he returns home after a long assignment and trips into a turbid river of war, politics and the violation of all he holds dear. Lawless and adept, he picks no sides and takes no prisoners. When his wolfish ways get him imprisoned for crimes he did not commit, he discovers the deeper source of his ability and falls in love with a priestess who frees him to his fate. But the rift in his heart widens under the forces of love, loyalty and the occupation of his realm by a warlord who honors neither hunters nor wizards. To reclaim his homeland, Lorth must bow his head to death itself, a sacrifice that will transform him into the most powerful hunter the land has ever known.

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Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

Cover Art, The Gray IslesBook Two: The Gray Isles. In the Gray Isles, a northern realm cloaked in legends and storms, lives a secret. For thousands of years it lay only in the imaginations of sailors. Now, it has surfaced; first to Eadred, a wizard banished by his kind after being cursed by a witch; and then to Hemlock, a fisherman’s son orphaned by the sea. The collision of their paths stirs the heavens and involves a formidable wizard named Lorth, an assassin and servant to the old powers. What appears to Lorth as a quarrel between Eadred and Hemlock swiftly deteriorates into a manhunt that plunges him into a tricky world of visions, myths and politics through which he discovers that Hemlock is not what he seems. Racing time, Lorth must bare his sword against an army, violate discretion and risk his own stature in order to free Hemlock from the clutches of daimonic transformation before he unleashes the forces of earth and sea on the mortal world.

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Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

Crowharrow, Cover ArtBook Three: Crowharrow. Deep in the heart of Loralin Forest, folks whisper of a legendary immortal predator with the body of a male god, towering black wings and the claws and fangs of a mountain cat. Crowharrow, they call it. But one family of troubled wizards knows the winged hunter is not a legend. The youngest, a woman named Tansel, has been sheltered all her life by solitude and the secrets of her ancestors. A diabolical seducer and destroyer of women, the beautiful immortal notices Tansel and ushers her, the last of her kin and two of the most powerful wizards in the land into a maelstrom of peril, deception, and upheaval that exposes a devastating connection between the crowharrow and Tansel’s bloodline. Her world shattered by awakened desire and the loss of her innocence, Tansel must heal this curse by discovering her true roots and her destiny as a healer.

Available on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Double Dragon Publishing and Lulu (Paperback)

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

Ascarion Cover ArtBook Four: Ascarion. On the isle of Tromb in the far northern realm of the Gray Isles, a rift has appeared in the timeline of the world. Cloaked beneath a turbulent monarchy, rumors of an evil god and the tears of a princess, it has gained the attention of wizards. When Rhinne of Tromb, a lonely princess at odds with her own people, lands on the bad side of a dark order of warlocks taking over the realm, she flees overseas, pursued by her father’s assassins. Beset by war, her brother Wulfgar discovers a text that exposes a god as the origin of the rift, a shattering indiscretion that involves Rhinne. He sets sail and brings the text to Lorth of Ostarin, a powerful wizard and servant of the old powers. Accompanied by an army, a mysterious raven and a war god with a private agenda, Lorth, Rhinne and Wulfgar must navigate a dangerous landscape of assassins, thieves, spies and seers to return to Tromb and cast down their otherworldly enemy before he tips the world into horrific devastation.

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Double Dragon Publishing and Lulu (Paperback)

© F.T. McKinstry 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Looks good!!!


  2. Looks quite promising, I added it to my to-read list on goodreads and planning to write a review in my blog once I finihs reading the current 2 series I am reading. Beautiful cover art, too!

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  3. Thanks Leona! It’s good to meet a fellow fantasy geek. 😀


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