Ascarion Cover ArtBook Four in the Chronicles of Ealiron.

In the world of Ealiron, it is known that wizards and gods rarely involve themselves in the affairs of mortals, preferring to gaze upon the starry tenets of their kind. They see war or the collapse of empires through the prism of change and transformation, leaving it alone as they would a leaf decaying on a forest floor. Everything has its time. But some troubles are not what they seem. On the isle of Tromb in the far northern realm of the Gray Isles, a rift has appeared in the timeline of the world. Cloaked beneath a turbulent monarchy, it has gained the attention of both wizards and gods.

Rhinne of Tromb, a lonely princess at odds with her own people, has old magic in her veins. Encouraged by her brother Wulfgar, a seasoned warrior, she is also good in a fight. This and a weary defiance of nameless hostility put her on the wrong side of a dark order of warlocks festering in the shadows of the realm. Accused of treason, Rhinne is forced to flee, pursued by the king’s assassins. Wulfgar is left to war believing his sister fallen, one of many who will die in the name of the old ways.

Far away, Lorth of Ostarin, a powerful wizard, assassin and servant of the old powers, learns that something untoward is happening in the Gray Isles, where he has a dark history. When Rhinne is delivered into his hands under unlikely circumstances, he discovers she is not only being hunted by foreign assassins, but also has the ability to channel immortals. Wounded and distrustful as a feral cat, she slips from his protection and escapes into the wilds with the help of a god thought destroyed centuries ago. Only he knows her secrets, and he’s not telling.

When wizards get involved in war, the stakes tend to be high. Wulfgar arrives from overseas to the wizards’ citadel, heavy with grief and bearing a text that is the key to his sister’s silence. If discovered, this text will mean war with a god who has changed the timeline of the world to hide an evil deed involving Rhinne. Through a series of dangerous encounters with assassins, thieves, spies and seers, Rhinne, Wulfgar and Lorth return to Tromb accompanied by a mysterious army, a raven that is not what it seems and a war god with a private agenda. But the battle that awaits them is only subterfuge designed to hide their true intentions of casting down a devious entity whose very thoughts can plunge the world into horrific desolation.

Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

Can be read as a standalone story.

Novel, 348 pages
Map: Sourcesee
Map: Sourcesee and East
Map: The Gray Isles

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Little Tree, by F.T. McKinstry

Ascarion Cover ArtAscarion, Book Four in the Chronicles of Ealiron, Double Dragon Publishing.

An epic swords-and-sorcery tale of what the gods are willing to do for love.

Barnes and Noble
Double Dragon Publishing
Lulu (Paperback)
© F.T. McKinstry 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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